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SOPTIM Elements

SOPTIM Elements – suitable solutions in the AWS Cloud

Changing conditions, new requirements and an increasing shortage of staff: innovative solutions are essential to meet the challenges of the energy market. With the next product generation SOPTIM Elements, we are developing applications suited to your needs.

With the new solution platform SOPTIM Elements you can perfectly react to the new challenges of the energy market. SOPTIM Elements offers all players in the (German-speaking) energy market individual, combinable products for depicting their energy management processes.

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With SOPTIM Elements we are offering solutions for the comprehensive topics of the market roles of supplier including portfolio management and trading, balancing group manager and network operator, completely according to your needs.

Standard product solutions to meet your needs

  • Custom-fit solutions

    The process steps are represented by individual products that interact with each other. This allows you to combine and use exactly the products you need to solve your challenge.

  • Faster time-to-market

    Modular set-up and operation in the cloud, as well as continuous delivery enable faster time to market and improved business agility to respond quickly to change.

  • Fast onboarding

    SOPTIM Elements is provided as an “out-of-the-box” solution. This significantly shortens the training period and the business users can quickly focus on the content.

  • Business value through technical innovation

    Our customers benefit directly from the immense innovation and speed of our technology partner AWS!

  • Software operation included

    SOPTIM takes over the complete operation, so that you can concentrate on your core business – there is no need for operation, hardware acquisition, development of IT know-how, etc.

  • Powerful process runtimes

    Using the advantages of the cloud optimises system performance and thus process runtimes.

  • Intuitive operability

    A consistent and attractive user interface for all products on the SOPTIM Elements platform supports intuitive operation of the software and significantly reduces training times.

  • Process excellence

    The combination of modular, highly standardised and precisely combinable products with our expert advice results in outstanding process excellence.

  • Attractive costs

    We offer a unique value to our customers through our best-of-breed solution and proven pricing model.

The new technology partner AWS - secure and fast access in the cloud

With SOPTIM Elements you work in a powerful public cloud environment and are independent of location and end device. We rely on the public cloud computing platform of the market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are certified by AWS as a cloud computing specialist for the energy industry – as one of 16 Energy Competence Partners worldwide.

These are the benefits of partnering with AWS:
  • Flexibility: The ability to add or reduce resources quickly and easily is a key benefit of the cloud.
  • Highest standards of security: Using the latest technologies and specialised teams of experts, the security of data, applications, and cloud infrastructure is guaranteed at all times.
  • Scalability: The cloud makes it easy to scale resources to meet demand.
  • Availability: Data and applications are easily accessible from anywhere.
  • Live updates: Downtime and rollout costs are eliminated.
  • Cost optimisation: Significant cost savings by eliminating the need to invest in dedicated hardware and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

For an easy start, you can use our solution as part of a best-of-breed approach to meet your needs. For a more comprehensive service and additional benefits, we would like to introduce you to our proven partnership model. We can also support you with expert consulting, project management and BPO services.

Are you interested?
Then contact us to arrange a presentation. We are confident that you will be impressed by our overall package. We look forward to meeting you!

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