SC :CCT SOPTIM ComCT: Communication Client for Traders

Convert and dispatch schedules in ESS format

ComCT - Communication Client for Traders - is a convenient tool to convert and send schedules in ESS format to the German transmission system operators (TSO) and for processing and displaying the replies. ComCT is suitable for all market parties who exchange schedules with German TSOs. ComCT meets all the requirements of market communication 2020 (MaKo 2020). All schedules can be signed and encrypted and sent to the transmission system operators.

MaBiS expansion module for Traders

With the MaBiS add-on module for ComCT, energy traders can achieve market conformity in the German MaBiS settlement process. In the framework of the data exchange between BIKO (Balance Group Coordinator) and BKV (Balance Group Manager), ComCT processes the exchange files MSCONS, PRICAT, UTILMD and answers every incoming message with a CONTRL message in line with market requirements. The content of the exchange data is clearly displayed by ComCT and can be viewed and verified by the user.

Test SOPTIM ComCT four weeks without any obligation!

How to test ComCT in daily operation:

  1. Download the latest version here, and follow the instructions of the installation process.
  2. Please contact us and let us know your balance group code. We will send you a license file.
  3. You benefit from the full functionality of the latest ComCT version four weeks long.
  4. Convinced? Then conclude a maintenance contract and look forward to further new functionalities and continuous development of ComCT. You don’t have to take any risks: You can easily cancel the maintenance contract annually.

From ComCT version 3.9.0 on only Windows 64bit is supported. Please make sure that your operating system meets the requirements.


Alongside the ESS formats, ComCT processes older KISS files. When reading KISS schedules, the files are automatically converted into ESS format.

When reading the schedules, they are validated according to the known specifications and rules. Incorrect files are displayed separately. Errors are listed in detail.

The TSO replies (ACK, ANO, CNF) are assigned automatically to the associated schedules and presented in context. The schedules receive their current status. Errors or deviations are displayed directly in the schedule.

To request current status at the TSO, a so-called status requests can be sent. The replies are automatically assigned to the associated schedules, the status information is updated and any error or deviation is displayed.

The import of the TSO replies is done via a central import directory. The schedules and status requests respectively are automatically transferred, via email or FTP, to the TSO or made available by saving them in a dispatch directory. All import and transit operations are logged.

Schedule changes / versioning
Changes are done by importing new schedule files. In this case, ComCT compares the current version numbers against the version and status information already present and then checks the contents.

Configuration / parameterisation
All settings for Excel conversion and communication are set and stored in ComCT special dialogues.

Advantages of a ComCT maintenance contract

With a maintenance contract you benefit continously from new features and enhancements:

  1. More Performance
    The data processing speed has been significantly improved in the new ComCT version. In particular, the import and copy operations of schedule files have been accelerated, which is noticeable when you copy multiple files to a network drive.
  2. Microsoft Excel file format support “.xlsx”
    It is now possible to import KISS schedules into ComCT in the new Microsoft Excel format with the extension ".xlsx".
  3. Cross-border scheduling
    Many enhancements have been carried out in ComCT in the context of cross-border scheduling. This includes the requirement to support the new reason codes and capacity contract types for the schedule dispatch and for a qualified display of TSO replies.
  4. Further development and support
    Unlike the free version, the commercial version is continuously improved, technologically updated and adapted to the trends and requirements of the market.
  5. Support of the new Java runtime environment
    The underlying Java version has evolved since the deployment of the last ComCT version 1.1.3 and offers, among other things, improved support for modern Windows operating systems. The commercial version always contains the latest version of the Java runtime environment and thus offers all the benefits that this brings to the user.
  6. Digitale signature of emails
    ComCT can digitally sign emails when dispatched. With a digital signature, the message recipient can verify whether the email comes from the correct sender and be sure that it has not been changed during transmission to the recipient.

ComCT Version 1.1.3 is freely available due to the fact that the German TSOs have defrayed the costs of development. Feel free to download and profit from unlimited use here.

The further development of ComCT was supported until 2005. We offer our numerous customers a maintenance contract modul for the current ComCT version which covers comprehensive support and ensures the latest upgrade. The maintenance contract ensures that you always use the current version of ComCT. Additionally, you profit from our professional support – our team is happy to assist you with any further questions.

You can download the version 1.1.3 and the installationguide.

Maintenance cost calculator

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