Creating the future

“Together with you, we are creating the future of energy."
SOPTIM AG Executive Board – Bert Goetting, Ralf Lemke, Christoph Speckamp and Dr. Wolfgang Thiele

Wherever energy markets are liberalised, a process of transformation takes place – challenging all participants in the industry. Organisations and people have to learn how to deal with uncertainties and cope with the ever-increasing complexity in the completion of energy management tasks. New markets and business models are arising. At the same time, competition and declining margins in established business areas provide a strong impetus for change.

In such turbulent times, creating the future is becoming a more complex and demanding task.

IT technologies play an essential role in the future of the energy industry. Digitilisation and decentralisation will promote this trend. Energy and information networks are beginning to converge. Within this changing environment, IT solutions and systems help with managing the complexity, in dealing with uncertainties and securing new market opportunities.

IT has become a major strategic success factor in the energy industry. SOPTIM is your partner for future-oriented IT solutions and services. With our extensive portfolio, we provide flexibility, ease of use and operational excellence in all processes:


  • SOPTIM Energy – Next Generation Standards
    The standard software of the next generation,
  • SOPTIM Connect – Asset Based IT-Solutions
    Individual IT solutions,
  • SOPTIM Workbench – Skills & Services
    flexible IT services.

Alongside this, we offer the security and reliability of a long-term partnership. This creates the design leeway and freedom you need to create your future with SOPTIM. 

The seven key challenges to a future-oriented IT:

Tackle uncertainties head-on


A future-oriented IT is above all flexible, adaptable and scalable. New requirements have to be quickly implemented and at a reasonable cost. Only a flexible IT can allow for creativity, which makes process innovation and new business models possible.

Manage complex infrastructures


Processes in the energy industry must be quickly and reliably developed cross-functionally. For responsible specialists and managers, it’s all about building complex infrastructures and maintaining them. Here, integration is the key to success.

Optimally supporting processes


Complex IT landscapes should be organised as cleanly and efficiently as possible so that they remain adaptable and maintainable. In the long run, efficient IT organisation keeps the costs and benefits well balanced. Processes are reliably supported and can be easily adapted.

Getting even more and even faster


More and more processes are handled at a high frequency within short timescales. Therefore, IT systems must be able to securely process steadily increasing volumes of data at shorter intervals.

24/7 × 52


Demands related to the availability of data and IT systems are increasing, as even short downtimes can have serious consequences. Fast, responsive support must be in place and ready to react at all times. In the long term, reliable system maintenance and monitoring is key.

Controlling IT risks


As the energy sector depends increasingly on IT technologies, risks are increasing, too. In critical infrastructures and in all other areas where critical business processes are supported by IT, IT security is becoming more and more important.

I want to have fun!


At the forefront of changes in the energy industry are people who are facing new challenges. Ultimately, every IT solution can be judged based on the level of usability it possesses and whether it eases day-to-day tasks.

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