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Automated master data synchronisation for network operators


SOPTIM’s Sync-MaStR is the intelligent solution for the fulfilment of your obligatory tasks for the verification of network operators in the Market Master Data Register (MaStR). The fully automated comparison of master data from the Market Master Data Register with your own data identifies discrepancies and enables effortless correction. The Sync-MaStR element thus minimises manual effort and reduces potential sources of error. Embedded in our SOPTIM Elements solution platform, we offer you seamless integration into your system landscape.

This is particularly relevant when the reporting obligation to the grid operator is no longer applicable for balcony power plants with an inverter output of up to 800 watts. The Sync-MaStR automatically retrieves the data from balcony power plants and transfers all information to your master data management system.

Good reasons:
  • Significant savings in personnel costs given the current skills shortage thanks to fully automated synchronisation
  • Overview and direct correction of data discrepancies saves time and increases focus on the essentials
  • Reduction in errors by eliminating manual data entry and verification
  • Overview of all plug-in solar systems in your grid area
  • Speeds up the inspection process through automated processes. This ensures that the inspection deadline is met and fines are avoided.
  • Services overview:
    • Sync-MaStR receives the master data from your system and automatically performs the legally required Market Master Data Register check against the data in the MaStR.
    • Data on plug-in solar systems and all other EEG and CHP systems, as well as electricity storage systems, whose test status is not “tested”, are cyclically retrieved from the Market Master Data Register.
    • During manual inspection steps, deviations are highlighted for the user to correct directly.
    • Correction proposals can be sent automatically to the Market Master Data Register – the Sync-MaStR receives responses to correction proposals fully automatically.
    • Once the network operator check has been completed, the records in the Market Master Data Register are automatically set to ‘checked’ status.
    • 80% of all network operator inspections are fully automated*.
    • For further use in third party systems, the data sets in Sync-MaStR are made available via interfaces.

    *Based on current experience

On our new solution platform SOPTIM Elements we offer you suitable, standardised solutions for your needs and processes. All our solutions are rounded off by the takeover of the technical operation. We are also happy to support you with expert advice, project management and BPO services.


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