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Redispatch 1.0: Automated activation process

Redispatch 1.0: Automated activation process

In order to prevent and eliminate congestion in the electricity grid, Redispatch 1.0 regulations apply to power plants with an installed capacity of 10 MW or more. Under EU Directive 2017/1485, also known as the System Operation Guidelines (SO GL), plant operators are required to take measures to ensure a harmonised dispatch process. The associated processes are often handled manually, which means that plant operators have to react to a potential call-off 24/7 by manually checking and confirming it.
SOPTIM offers a solution for the fully automated handling of the Redispatch 1.0 call-off process to relieve the control rooms and optimise the process. Manual intervention is no longer necessary, from checking and confirming the call to informing the operating mode.
Why an automated activation process?
  • Avoidance of missed responses to redispatch calls
  • Reduce costs associated with incorrect or missed power plant deployments
  • Relief of 24/7 services and control centres
  • Reliable fulfilment of market requirements / TSO requirements
  • Services
    • Receipt of relevant input data such as plant forecasts, min/max capacities and reserve capacities (primary, secondary, minute reserve)
    • Automatic calculation of available capacities for Redispatch 1.0 and subsequent transmission of information to the TSO
    • Automatic acceptance of the request and checking of restrictions and positive confirmation if possible
    • Output of the adjusted plant data and information on the confirmed request
    • Provision of information in a cockpit for use in portfolio management and power plant operation
    • Optional: Automatic dispatch of the corresponding cost sheets to the TSO
    • Optional: Automatic calculation and dispatch of adjusted balancing group schedules

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