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The pressure on energy sales has increased continually in recent years. This is primarily due to price-sensitive clients and the increasing intensity of competition, but also to the continuous refinement of market regulations. Shrinking margins are met with increasing process overheads. Transparent and efficient business processes are a necessity: Which customers allow adequate profit margins to be earned? How well can a client’s consumption be predicted? What are the main risks associated with balancing energy? Also portfolio managers and traders who are responsible for the procurement of electricity and gas or who trade these commodities operate in a very lively market that is becoming more volatile as a result of the fluctuating input of renewable energy. Therefore, electricity and gas trading platforms now include even more short-term market levels.

Christoph Bartz
Keep track of your portfolio and the market - so that trading will come from reacting.
Christoph Bartz

SOPTIM Energy Suite

Tailormade Solutions

SE :PFM Portfolio management

SE: Portfolio management provides you with optimal support in the management of your portfolio. Portfolio management always happens in an environment determined by three main structural features: your own organization (front, middle and back office), market partners (contacts, market communication) and market structures (control areas, balancing groups etc.). All resulting portfolio structures are flexibly and optimally constructed. This is also the basis for structured and transparent...

  • Efficient management of the portfolio 
  • Risk minimization 
  • Quick information 
  • Constantly updated display 
  • Security in all operational processes
SE :APM Sales portfolio management

As a link between distribution and procurement, the SE:Sales portfolio management software module bundles the distribution volumes and passes them over to procurement. When handing over, the quantities (load profiles) are given a defined transfer price. Therefore, internal billing between the distribution and procurement units is automated and recorded transparently within the system. The structure of the sales portfolio in any number of sub-portfolios — including sales volumes for...

  • Transparency
  • Data and process security 
  • Maximum speed 
  • Price security 
  • Individualization


SE :RISK Risk management

SE:Risk management provides comprehensive support for the identification and monitoring of risks and opportunities at all levels of your portfolio. Using the integrated calculated price forward curve (PFC) allows the mark-to-market valuation for both individual transactions and open positions within a portfolio to be determined. Using value-at-risk calculations (long-term trading) and profit-at-risk calculations (spot trading), risks and opportunities determined within a portfolio can be...

  • Current portfolio value 
  • Seizing opportunities/reduce risks 
  • Security with counterparties 
  • Transparency about risk development 
  • Action in time 
  • Comparison of available collateral 


SE :TRAD Trading

SE:Trading tackles numerous questions relating to demand-oriented procurement, speculative or proprietary trading, and stock exchange or OTC trading. Bid preparation for spot markets and trading in derivatives – such as futures and options – are fully integrated and supported. Flexible pricing models are also assigned to trading activities and coupled with common algorithmic methods. Indexed prices can also be processed. A variety of cockpit functions make it quick and easy...

  • Safety in all operating commercial processes 
  • Efficient stock exchange trading 
  • Revision security 
  • High flexibility 


SE :NOM Nomination management

SE:Nomination management provides comprehensive functions for planning, monitoring and implementing scheduling and nomination communication with transmission, transport and distribution system operators. No matter whether you’re dealing with electricity or gas – using a central communication cockpit – our module coordinates all nomination processes with the highest possible degree of automation and displays all nominations and feedback with the corresponding communication...

  • Valid basis for decisions 
  • High safety 
  • Quick response 
  • Reduced process costs 
  • Flexible system integration 
SE :BKM Balancing group management gas

SE:Balancing group management displays the current status of balancing activities based on all trading activities, and consumption and generation within the entire management process at any time. This applies to both long-term and medium-term planning as well as short-term adjustments and actual data management. The calculation and valuation of the balancing energy amount always occurs according to the requirements of the current valid market regulations (GABi Gas, KOV). In doing this,...

  • Security in the operational accounting grid management
  • Efficient use with the allocated values
  • Current display of the accounting energy costs
  • Secure handling of biogas accounting grids
  • Optimize processes
SE :BKM Balancing group management electricity

SE:Balancing group management includes the automated display of MaBiS processes for suppliers and organisations responsible for the balancing groups. The core task of the module is the management and testing of the total time series as well as the support of the communication processes surrounding these. This, of course, includes clearing lists for suppliers and total billing time series. Large amounts of data and any number of complex structures from balancing areas and groups are easily...

  • Quick responsiveness 
  • Control possibilities and valid basis for decisions 
  • Process reliability 
  • Reducing the risk of accounting energy 
  • Establishment of a clear profile structure 
SE :AM Offer management

The SE:Offer management software module supports the processes of tenders for special-contract customers; customers with only one point of delivery as well as complex product bundles offered for various commodities. All the necessary data is collected in just a few minutes, and the load profile is predicted and priced in order to submit a competitive offer. In doing this, the desired cost and revenue structures are used, and the grid and metering costs are assigned automatically. With...

  • Reduced process costs
  • Basis of control and decision-making 
  • Competitive offers 
  • Faster than the competition 
  • Low IT costs 
  • Four-eye-principle 
SE :PROG Plusprognosis

SOPTIM Plusprognosis (plus forecast) enables the use of highly autonomous and high-performance processes in artificial intelligence for your customer forecasts. Automation is at the forefront here. The optimum forecast result for every single metering point can therefore be identified without user interaction, with the most diverse influencing variables and forecasting procedures. This enables considerable improvement in your forecasting accuracy and thereby reduces the risk of balancing...

  • Permanently optimal forecast results 
  • Process security 
  • Minimisation of the balancing energy risk and more liquid assets 
  • Even more competitive 
  • Easing the burden on employees 
SE :VM Contract management

SE:Contract management is the heart of energy distribution, in which each retail contract is displayed individually or aggregated in customer groups. Contracts are the basis of all subsequent processes, including change management, sales portfolio management, forecast adjustments before and during delivery, subsequent calculations during and after delivery, sales management or billing preparation. Furthermore, there are comprehensive comfort-based and monitoring functions available that...

  • Reduced process costs 
  • Control and decision-making bases
  • Comfortable contract management
  • Reduced balancing energy risk
  • Process reliability 
  • Low IT costs 
SE :DE Decentralised generation sales

The SE: Decentralized generation module (SE:DE) supports you in managing generation plants in your role as an energy distributor or direct marketer. The logical structure of generation plants with tranche metering points ensures maximum transparency. Together with the possibility of generating replacement values, the cyclical acquisition of actual values from MSCONS messages always ensures that solid data is available as the basis of your prognoses. SOPTIM Prognosis plus is the ideal...

  • Reduced process costs 
  • Proportionate direct marketing 
  • Individualization
  • Transparency and clarity
  • Ideal forecast results
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