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The technical and organizational integration of more and more decentralised generation systems into the grid, from the initial contact of the connectee to commissioning with the simultaneous start of balancing, is one of these requirements. Furthermore, plants need to be managed in detail and the remuneration claims with all of their special constellations have to be accurately billed and claimed from the transmission system operators. The “digital energy revolution” demands decisions of the network operators to the effect, among other things, of integrating intelligent metering systems and adapting processes related to data processing accordingly. Change of supplier processes according to the GPKE, GeLi, MPES, balancing according to MaBiS and allocations according to KOV, metering data acquisition, plausibility checks and distribution, excess/shortfall billing, calculation of grid charges, calculation of correct Renewable Energy Law (EEG) tariffs: You simply cannot control processes and costs within the grid without implementing automation.

Dominik Keindl
Do you have a problem? We have the solution. Transparent, automated and verifiable process support is absolutely essential.
Dominik Keindl

SOPTIM Energy Suite

Tailormade Solutions

SE :BKM Balancing group management grid

All standard processes including activation or declarations, generation and dispatch of MaBiS or KOV time series from grid balancing/allocation, and the delivery of single time series to suppliers are highly automated. The balancing group’s total time series and suppliers’ total time series are visualised in a central cockpit. In the form of a control station, the valuable MaBiS or KOV cockpit informatively and clearly controls the tasks of the grid manager that are linked to...

  • Reduced process costs
  • Individually-tailored controlling
  • Process security
  • Timely counter-control measures in case of missing or implausible data
SE :MMM Excess and shortfall quantities evaluation

With the help of this module, excess and shortfall quantities are evaluated for each specific metering point and are presented as a report. Basic information includes the daily volumes from balancing/allocation, which are determined for each metering point in excess and shortfall quantity periods. In contrast, the corresponding reading data in the excess and shortfall quantity periods is presented. The reading data is imported annually into the system using a continuous method or specific...

  • Reduced process costs
  • High process reliability and penalties avoidance
  • High transparency
  • Process know-how
  • Flexible system integration
SE :NAP Grid connection processes

SE:Grid connection processes provides operating systems such as EDM, billing or GIS systems all of the relevant data for the connection of renewable energy plants – simultaneously, completely and in a uniform format. This reduces the effort involved in data acquisition and increases transparency, process speed and reliability immensely. At any time, the current status of individual processes is visible, thus facilitating cross-departmental work – for grid compatibility tests,...

  • Transparency in the grid connection process
  • Increased process speed
  • Increased process reliability
  • Financial security
  • Easy integration into your IT
SE :DE Decentralised generation grids

SE:Decentralised generation allows you a complete and law-abiding view of your decentralised generation plants, thus minimizing your risk of non-refunded tariff payments. From collecting plant data to assigning tariff categories, the SE:Decentralised generation module offers all of the necessary components for successful testing according to the EEG 2014 (Germany’s renewable energy law). Plausibility checks and input help provide the necessary security for your plant data. Motion data...

  • Process reliability 
  • Minimizing risks 
  • Individualization possibility 
  • Exact compensation calculation 
  • Correct accounting
SE :WP Change process networks

SE:Change processes supports the network operators in the implementation of all data exchange and handling processes in the context of GPKE-/GeLi processes. The system hereby offers automated processing of supplier changes, entries and departures, as well as change from or in the basic and backup supply. If manual intervention is exceptionally required by the user, this is notified via the system and directed to the relevant incident as required. The system supports the user by carrying out...

  • Efficient processing of large amounts of data 
  • Transparent process modelling 
  • Process security 
  • Message filtering 
  • Clear understanding of processes 
  • Correctness of data
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