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Ongoing liberalisation of the energy markets leads to increasing transactions in European energy trading. Since each transaction results in a schedule message, the operating costs and efforts for traders as for TSOs increase alike.

The TSO Scheduling System of SOPTIM Connect helps TSOs to carry out all tasks within the current schedule management.

To cope with the large amount of data and high frequencies, the TSO Scheduling System works largely automated and rule-based: Schedules are read, examined and compared with the counterpart schedules. Then the market partners will receive feedback corresponding to the comparision result. Matching schedules are then processed in subsequent business processes. At present, about 75,000 mails with about 360,000 time series are processed with the TSO Scheduling System on a daily basis at a large TSO. And still the system is future-proof: increasing volumes of data can be managed.

Users are alerted via a comfortable, easy-to-use interface as soon as it is necessary to manually intervene. With clear displays one can easily overview the flow of messages and identify and troubleshoot conflicts quickly. Master data can be efficiently managed and synchronized with market partners.

To cope with the high data throughput, while maintaining an availability of 99.9%, considerable IT technical expertise has been dedicated to architecture and development. Possibilities of parallelization and database management have been all but exhausted.

In addition to the market operations, the TSO Scheduling System supports other important internal processes. Thus in a further central functional module the matched schedules are aggregated and transmitted to the power/frequency regulator.

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