SC :TBT TBT: Decommissions Management

Secure planning and execution

Resources of the transport grid must be decommissioned for maintenance works or reconstruction measures and for recurring check-ups. With these decommissions, the resources and possibly the associated grid routes are switched off. Decommissions are therefore carefully coordinated and planned with the respective stakeholders such as power plant operators, distribution system operators, industrial customers or other TSOs. For the planning process, the fault-tolerant grid security (n-1 contingency) is of paramount importance.

Often decommissioning requests are managed by multiple parties and a central licensing authority. The corresponding data is stored locally in different systems. The process lacks transparency and efficiency, is error-prone and causes high communication expenses.

With TBT SOPTIM Connect has implemented a comprehensive solution for the complex process of decommissions management, which is successfully used by two German transmission system operators. The TBT is realised as web application, it can be easily accessed from anywhere. Clear user interfaces simplify the control of the process. With a topological view of grid assets dependencies and collisions are detected quickly and can be avoided.

Many communication tasks such as "aks for approval" or "information on cancellations and changes" can be automated reliably with TBT. With specific interfaces, the system supports different roles and rights such as applicant, coordinator or decision maker.

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