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Interruptible loads ensure system stability

In addition to the transformation of energy production, energy transition focuses on the flexibility of demand. Principally volatile loads of renewable energy can be balanced either by thermical power plants or by controllable loads.

In Germany the transmission system operators can switch off large consumers and thereby ensure reliability of the supply if stabilizing of the transmission grids with balancing energy hit their limits. With the amendment of the Energy Act 2012 and the Regulation interruptible loads (AbLaV), voluntary agreements between industry and TSOs have been standardized and centralized.

Interruptible loads are large consumers which are connected to the high and extra high voltage grid and continually consume high amounts of energy. Similar to the reserve power market, TSOs contract a total of 3,000 MW interruptible load monthly in a tender. Successful bidders will receive a commodity and a capacity price.

To activate interruptible loads efficiently and reliably, SOPTIM Connect has realized a Load Management Server (LaMaS) for the German TSOs. LaMaS allows for extensive automation for the activation of the three different types of interruptible loads, including the complex pause regulations which are "vital" for providers with a high process reliability. If case of activation, LaMaS suggests variations of favourable load combinations and relieves in coordinating the activation measures.

With the ALadIn-Client, providers benefit from a simple, reliable and secure communication with the TSO.

With the realisation of LaMaS, SOPTIM could draw on its experience of Merit-Order-Lists-Servers (MOLS). Therefore, the project was executed fast and with outstanding planning security.


The Load-Management-Server (LaMaS) …

… coordinates the activations of interruptible loads Germany wide.

… makes the increasing operating expenses for TSOs and supplier controllable.

… meets the high demands of reliability and availability of critical infrastructures.

… promotes energy transition: industrial consumers can contribute to system stability.

… benefits from experiences with the Merit-Order-List-Servers (MOLS)

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