SC :EEE SOPTIM EErniE: Renewable energies management

Create, compare, improve forecasts

SOPTIM EErniE is a system for forecasting and metering renewable energies. It is used to forecast renewable energies with a high degree of accuracy. It may use SOPTIM forecasts as well as any other 3rd party forecast data. This offers users the possibility to intelligently combine the strengths of various forecasting methods and models.

In order to better assess the quality of forecasts, SOPTIM EErniE offers comprehensive functions for analysis and evaluation. For example, comparisions of actual and forecast values.

SOPTIM EErniE can be connected directly to the control system and thus offers easy access to the latest actual data which can be used to further enhance the accuracy of short-term forecasts.

Thanks to its flexible import module, SOPTIM EErniE covers feed-ins from wind power, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, geothermal and gas equipment. Moreover, the ENTSO-E Reserve Resource Process for the for the uniform and automated exchange of data between power plants and transmission system operators (ERRP) is integrated.

The solution is based on a modern C# user interface. It is highly customizable. Visualizations can be configured by users quickly and easily via templates.

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