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A solution by SOPTIM AG facilitates the coordination of European transmission system operators

SOPTIM Connect realizes the ENTSO-E Verification Platform on behalf of Amprion GmbH and Swissgrid. In the future, continental European TSOs will coordinate cross-border electricity flow using this platform.

The Verification Platform process is set to replace the previous coordination process in order to meet the requirements of a European energy market. In addition to gains in efficiency, SOPTIM’s solution provides a transparent view on planned energy exchanges for all continental European (ENTSO-E Regional Group Continental Europe RG CE) TSOs. It ensures the provision of reliable data for grid planning and network calculations for the European transmission grid. Especially when bottlenecks arise, the Verification Platform makes an important contribution to system security.

The coordination processes are similar to those used in scheduling reports for electricity trading, where the TSOs compare the scheduling reports of trading partners. In the current procedure, numerous parties with different roles are involved. The planned energy exchanges are coordinated several times on different levels. The Verification Platform makes this process much easier as each TSO reports directly to a central point. The Verification Platform prepares the figures and provides all TSOs with consolidated and uniform data. Particular attention is given to the precise, accurate historicising of data. After all, in the event of any problems, that data provides a coordinated status to which to revert.

In order to ensure that the changeover to the new processes and formats is as smooth as possible, integration tests are being carried out with all 30 participating TSOs. Trial operation started in July 2017, the productive operation in February 2018. The Verification Plattform is the successor to the SOPTIM Connect TSO Information Portal.

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  • Consolidated Data
    The Verifictation Platform provides the TSOs with consolidated data.
  • Efficient Data storage
    All data is stored at a central place.
  • Simplified/ Facilitated coordination
    As a central entity the VP realizes the reconciliation of values and sends the corresponding notifications back to the TSOs.
  • Functionality is guaranteed in the future/ is future-proof
    The functionality of the existing solution is embedded in a modern IT-architecture.
  • Enhanced convenience
    Users benefit from improved user guidance and clarity.
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