SC :EASS EASS: Energy Accounting and Settlement System

Compliant with ENTSO-E rules

For technical reasons, the planned energy exchange between the control areas of European TSOs cannot always precisely be realised. "Inadvertent deviation" of energy occurs.

This Inadvertent deviation must be reported and compensated. Within the Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE), this compensation occurs according to the established rules in kind. The amounts of energy are reported and compensated at agreed times by compensating schedules. This method is also applied within the control area of the German transmission system operators.

Individual TSOs who act as dedicated coordinators, take on the task of organising and settling the Inadvertent deviation. To this end, values at all interconnectors are collected. Based on these values, an account of Inadvertent deviation is managed for each control area. No advantages or disadvantages for any TSOs may arise from the settlement of the Inadvertent deviation. Information on accounting and settlement must be made available transparently to all stakeholders at all times.

For this process, binding guidelines were developed by the ENTSO-E with the creation of the "Implementation Guide Accounting and Settlement" which is based on standard XML notifications and a high degree of automation.

With EASS SOPTIM Connect has implemented a compliant and highly automated support for the settling process, based on modern IT technologies. The solution provides user-friendliness, transparency, robust operation and high availability. EASS streamlines the coordination of the European Transmission System Operators in the roles of Control Center-, Control Block- and Control Area Operator. All Data is traceable and transparent. The solution is flexible and can be quickly adapted to any changes in regulations and procedures.

EASS has been running since September 2013 and without any unplanned outages.

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