SC :NK NetKom: Exchange Platform for System Operators

Transparent exchange between TSOs and DSOs

Between German TSOs and their market partners (distribution system operators and suppliers) a multitude of accounting processes and data traffic must be coordinated. For example TSOs cyclically request the amount of payments for feed-ins under the German REA (EEG) from the distribution system operators – in order to calculate REA levy (EEG-Umlage). With the complex German redistribution mechanism of the REA levy substantial financial resources are managed. Communication between all parties therefore must be transparent at any time.

With NetKom SOPTIM Connect provided a transparent communication platform for TSOs and their market partners. Instead of communicating through e-mails, the market partners can upload their data to the portal and check the status of any further processing. In addition, they have all the current notifications to be settled at a glance. They are continuously supplied with information via the portal and can acquire and process important data much easier than before.

NetKom increases process transparency and process reliability for all stakeholders by consistently guiding users and providing current and reliable information. Versioning and authentication ensure data integrity. The workload of experts is relieved thanks to the helpful support of the information processes.

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