SOPTIM Connect

for Transport & System Operation

SOPTIM Connect for Transport and System Operation

SOPTIM Connect has, for many years, supported TSOs with managing the increasing complexity through secure and high-performant IT solutions. As it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the dynamics of markets and regulation, our solutions are flexible, scalable and can be quickly expanded and adapted. With SOPTIM Connect, "first-of-kind" projects with a highly innovative character are realized. Our methods of asset-based software engineering ensure that costs and risks stay always manageable. SOPTIM is a long-standing and reliable partner of the energy sector. SOPTIM Connect solutions meet the highest standards of IT security and have been approved many times in critical infrastructures.

Andreas Gergs
Our IT-solutions have been approved in critical infrastructures.
Andreas Gergs

Learn more about our projects and solutions:

SC :MOLS MOLS: Merit-Order-List-Server

Fair competition in ancillary services market The four German transmission system operators 50Hertz Transmission, Amprion, TransnetBW and TenneT TSO jointly safeguard grid stability. For this purpose they apply ancillary services such as primary, secondary and tertiary reserve energy in order to compensate for frequency variations. The forecasted demand for tertiary reserve is announced daily on an internet auction platform by the TSOs. The provider with the lowest commodity and...

SC :LMS LaMaS: Load-Management-Server

Interruptible loads ensure system stability In addition to the transformation of energy production, energy transition focuses on the flexibility of demand. Principally volatile loads of renewable energy can be balanced either by thermical power plants or by controllable loads. In Germany the transmission system operators can switch off large consumers and thereby ensure reliability of the supply if stabilizing of the transmission grids with balancing energy hit their limits. With the...

SC :AVO AVO – Operations planning and scheduling

Cross-functional cooperation and transparency To consolidate and to streamline operations planning and scheduling through various departments is a key issue for grid operators as considerable potentials in efficiency can be raised here. In particular, assets of the transport and distribution grids need to be switched off for revisions, modifications or recurring maintenance and checks. For security reasons the necessary decommissions needs careful planning and coordination with the...

SC :TBT TBT: Decommissions Management

Secure planning and execution Resources of the transport grid must be decommissioned for maintenance works or reconstruction measures and for recurring check-ups. With these decommissions, the resources and possibly the associated grid routes are switched off. Decommissions are therefore carefully coordinated and planned with the respective stakeholders such as power plant operators, distribution system operators, industrial customers or other TSOs. For the planning process, the...

SC :TPF Transparency Platform

Efficiency and reliable documentation for publication duties Through national and European regulations and laws, as well as through self-declarations, European TSOs have been obliged to publish operational and market data, grid KPIs and further corporate information. As any discrimination of market participants is strictly prohibited, the data must be available to all stakeholders equally. To this end, the data is published on company’s own websites and on various internet platforms...

SC :VP VP Verification Platform

A solution by SOPTIM AG facilitates the coordination of European transmission system operators SOPTIM Connect realizes the ENTSO-E Verification Platform on behalf of Amprion GmbH and Swissgrid. In the future, continental European TSOs will coordinate cross-border electricity flow using this platform. The Verification Platform process is set to replace the previous coordination process in order to meet the requirements of a European energy market. In addition to gains in efficiency,...



  • Consolidated Data
    The Verifictation Platform provides the TSOs with consolidated data.
  • Efficient Data storage
    All data is stored at a central place.
  • Simplified/ Facilitated coordination
    As a central entity the VP realizes the reconciliation of values and sends the corresponding notifications back to the TSOs.
  • Functionality is guaranteed in the future/ is future-proof
    The functionality of the existing solution is embedded in a modern IT-architecture.
  • Enhanced convenience
    Users benefit from improved user guidance and clarity.
SC :NK NetKom: Exchange Platform for System Operators

Transparent exchange between TSOs and DSOs Between German TSOs and their market partners (distribution system operators and suppliers) a multitude of accounting processes and data traffic must be coordinated. For example TSOs cyclically request the amount of payments for feed-ins under the German REA (EEG) from the distribution system operators – in order to calculate REA levy (EEG-Umlage). With the complex German redistribution mechanism of the REA levy substantial financial...

SC :TSOS TSO-Scheduling-System

Schedule management unlimited Ongoing liberalisation of the energy markets leads to increasing transactions in European energy trading. Since each transaction results in a schedule message, the operating costs and efforts for traders as for TSOs increase alike. The TSO Scheduling System of SOPTIM Connect helps TSOs to carry out all tasks within the current schedule management. To cope with the large amount of data and high frequencies, the TSO Scheduling System works largely...

SC :EASS EASS: Energy Accounting and Settlement System

Compliant with ENTSO-E rules For technical reasons, the planned energy exchange between the control areas of European TSOs cannot always precisely be realised. "Inadvertent deviation" of energy occurs. This Inadvertent deviation must be reported and compensated. Within the Union for the Coordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE), this compensation occurs according to the established rules in kind. The amounts of energy are reported and compensated at agreed times by...

SC :EEE SOPTIM EErniE: Renewable energies management

Create, compare, improve forecasts SOPTIM EErniE is a system for forecasting and metering renewable energies. It is used to forecast renewable energies with a high degree of accuracy. It may use SOPTIM forecasts as well as any other 3rd party forecast data. This offers users the possibility to intelligently combine the strengths of various forecasting methods and models. In order to better assess the quality of forecasts, SOPTIM EErniE offers comprehensive functions for analysis...

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