SE :APM Sales portfolio management

As a link between distribution and procurement, the SE:Sales portfolio management software module bundles the distribution volumes and passes them over to procurement. When handing over, the quantities (load profiles) are given a defined transfer price. Therefore, internal billing between the distribution and procurement units is automated and recorded transparently within the system. The structure of the sales portfolio in any number of sub-portfolios — including sales volumes for industrial customers, commercial clients and residential customers — is configurable and can be adapted to the individual needs of each organisation.

In addition to managing forecast quantities, sales orders are managed within a kind of book-keeping system. Depending on the configuration, contract-based orders can be placed when the contract is concluded as well as for prognosis adjustments or tranche orders. In addition, time-controlled centralised orders can be generated for open volumes in the sales portfolio. By coupling the distribution modules and modules for procurement and trade, a transparent, fast and secure exchange of volumes and prices is guaranteed.

  • Transparency
  • Data and process security 
  • Maximum speed 
  • Price security 
  • Individualization


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