SE :PROG Plusprognosis

SOPTIM Plusprognosis (plus forecast) enables the use of highly autonomous and high-performance processes in artificial intelligence for your customer forecasts.

Automation is at the forefront here. The optimum forecast result for every single metering point can therefore be identified without user interaction, with the most diverse influencing variables and forecasting procedures. This enables considerable improvement in your forecasting accuracy and thereby reduces the risk of balancing energy. Here, a variety of analysis tools create model variants for the forecasting procedure and influencing variables during the processing, which can be used direct from the SOPTIM Energy Suite (operations calendar, weather stations, geographical information) and investigate their effect on the forecast result. By connecting artificial intelligence with the influencing variables of SE:Suite and definable workflows, this vastly important process module in your value creation can be highly automated and securely built up in the long term.

  • Permanently optimal forecast results 
  • Process security 
  • Minimisation of the balancing energy risk and more liquid assets 
  • Even more competitive 
  • Easing the burden on employees 
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