SE :AM Offer management

The SE:Offer management software module supports the processes of tenders for special-contract customers; customers with only one point of delivery as well as complex product bundles offered for various commodities.

All the necessary data is collected in just a few minutes, and the load profile is predicted and priced in order to submit a competitive offer. In doing this, the desired cost and revenue structures are used, and the grid and metering costs are assigned automatically. With templates and variants, offer processes can be simplified even further and offer even inexperienced users the opportunity to create complex offers with a high level of process security.

The integration into your IT environment and interaction with a CRM system are supported by defined interfaces. The entire process chain can be highly automated with the workflows of SOPTIM’s energy suite.

  • Reduced process costs
  • Basis of control and decision-making 
  • Competitive offers 
  • Faster than the competition 
  • Low IT costs 
  • Four-eye-principle 
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