Analyse, structure and repair

SOPTIM ProFile is a tool for easy and efficient processing of time series data. Time series are the essential in energy industry, especially for forecasts and accounting. The import of load profiles in quarter-hour resolution is the first step of a long process chain in the context of forecasts and accounting.

This first step is sometimes challenging, because market stakeholders and data providers do not send load profiles in MSCONS format, but use Excel and CSV formats with completely arbitrary structures often lacking any description. Errors in the interpretation of this key data generate serious effects and further errors in forecasting and accounting. These could be incorrect units or faulty handling of daylight savings time, for example.

Automation is necessary, in some cases also pre-processing! Usually, sales experts do not know the sender and source. In order to use these files, manual processing with annoying individual analysis and manual correction is required.

SOPTIM ProFile analyses, structures, repairs and speeds up the this process rapidly. With heuristic methods, time series files are scanned for energy data and times and the associated master data such as meter point descriptions and OBIS code are found and recognized. Valid time series can be converted into a common format in one step and can be easily processed further in subsequent processes.

The user interface of SOPTIM ProFile is simple and clear. Time series files are moved into the application by drag & drop, the analysis results and load profile data are clearly displayed, suggestions for corrections are offered, validated data is exported with one click only. A graphical visualisation that includes aggregated identification data of energy and power, completes the scope. A small tool with large benefits. Simply unpack, install and go!

Test SOPTIM ProFile without obligation!

Download the free trial version of ProFile.

You have the choice between

  • a slim version without Java, which you can use if you already have Java (JRE v7 or later) installed, and
  • a version with Java, which includes all required Java components.

In addition, the download includes time series test files. If you do not change the location of the suggested installation directory when installing SOPTIM ProFile, you will find the test files under: C:\Program Files\SOPTIM AG\SOPTIM ProFile\Beispiele.

License options and prices

SOPTIM ProFile is available in 3 license packages: (VAT not included) 

  • Single-user license:
    The single-user license allows the use of ProFile on a workstation in the company, for which the license is issued.
    € 2,400
  • 5-user license:
    The 5-user license allows the use of ProFile on five workstations in the company, for which the license is issued. 
    € 9,900
  • Company license:
    The company license entitles you to install and use ProFile with an unlimited number of users within the company, for which the license is issued.
    € 24,000

The licensing is done by importing a license file that is provided by SOPTIM Connect. Each of the licenses includes a maintenance service for one year, which covers the following components:

  1. Update Service
    Right to use new versions appearing within one year after the acquisition of the license.
  2. Hotline Service
    The Hotline Service includes a telephone support from skilled SOPTIM staff on technical issues and in the event of malfunctions. SOPTIM ensures availability on weekdays from 9:00 to 16:30. This excludes holidays and long weekends in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as Carnival Monday and the days of Christmas Eve to New Year. For initial response to disruptions that considerably hinder the scope of functions of the software, there is a response time of less than 4 hours within the service hours. The response time is the period from when the customer (client) reports the error up to the reply and the start of fixing the error by SOPTIM. Moreover, SOPTIM always strives to respond as quickly as possible to issues and errors.

System requirements

SOPTIM ProFile requires a desktop PC with 2GB RAM and Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8 or Windows Server 2008. To install, 200 MB of free hard disk space are required.

On 64-bit systems, ProFile is installed as a 64-bit version and hence can use the enlarged address space. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 7 (or higher).

SOPTIM ProFile requires no additional software for use, such as Microsoft Office.

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