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Organization-wide management of offer calculation

Marketing gas or electricity products in the deregulated energy market requires an accurate and precise offer calculation. On the one hand, it must be tightly calculated in order to remain competitive, but on the other hand, also reliable and safe contribution margins have to be achieved. The high complexity of the offer process and its risks require an auditable and consistent approach – particularly in complex organizations with high division of labour in sales. At the same time, there must be enough flexibility to fulfill the wishes of the diverse customer groups.

With the Sales Calculator of SOPTIM Connect, sales processes and operational steps of distributed units are integrated and standardized. Fragmented individual developments can be replaced by a centralized system. Adjacent systems such as CRM or portfolio management are intelligently linked so that data can be reliably and automatically exchanged. The offer process is transparently and reliably coordinated, all process steps are seamlessly integrated.

With the Sales Calculator, offers with any number of delivery points can be created for business customers, regionally and nationally. The entire range from simple offers for traders to complex tenders is covered. And even complex offers can be prepared with little efforts.

SOPTIM Sales Calculator brings transparency on results and perfomance of different organizational units, making them comparable and ensures that the company rules and guidelines are adhered to. The daily work loads of sales staff and managers will be relieved effectively.

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