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SOPTIM NomT is a high performant, reliable and user-friendly platform for all nomination tasks in the European energy market. NomT is based on SOPTIMs outstanding and recognized expertise in schedule management and nomination processes. A corresponding solution for TSO’s, the TSO-Scheduling-System, is used by a German TSO since many years.

NomT has been appoved in numerous electricity and gas companies. NomT allows an efficient and reliable market communication with the transmission system operators and market area managers, especially in the demanding European intraday markets and for the management of several balancing groups.

NomT reduces traders workload and distraction with unproductive tasks enableling them to fully focus on market opportunities. NomT ensures a fast and reliable processing of schedule management and nomination for the success of trading activities.


  • Efficient and reliable daily operations
    NomT sustainably increases the efficiency of your daily work. NomT automates internal processes and standardizes schedule communication with your market partners. As a central schedule management solution, NomT contributes significantly to process reliability and thus minimizes the operational risks.
  • Overview at any times
    The NomT cockpit provides a detailed and clear view of the essentials. Problems such as mismatches are detected quickly and can be resolved before gate closure.
  • Quick reaction
    Usually NomT requires significantly less than a minute to complete a schedule calculation. Schedules can be dispatched at any time.
  • You can focus completely on trading
    With NomT you can focus on your trading activities. All schedule and nomination duties are effectively supported with NomT. 

Nomination Europe-wide

  • NomT supports communication with all German TSOs in the electricity sector. In addition, market modules for Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK are available.
  • In the gas sector, the German market areas of NCG and GASPOOL are covered (both gas qualities). There are also market modules for Austriathe Netherlands and Belgiumavailable.
  • More nominations, for example to gas storage operators, can be easily set up. 
  • The market coverage is constantly growing, new market modules are quickly realized.

Some Highlights

Some Highlights
  • NomT continuously monitors the connection to the mail-, FTP- or AS/2 server. Interruptions are notified immediately. Every successful dispatch is reported immediately.
  • Replies from counterparties (TSO, MGV, gas storage operator) are automatically read and processed. The matching status is graphically displayed in the NomT cockpit.
  • Mismatches can be analysed rapidly and extensively, in hourly or quarterly resolution. In order to relove missmatches within tight deadlines manual adjustments can be made anytime with a few clicks.
  • Other important functionalities such as event management, encryption engine and schedule balancing and compensation calculation complete the scope of NomT.
  • Naturally you have the possibility at any time to intervene manually through effective dialogues if critical situations arise.
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