Following the day-ahead process, SOPTIM iTrade`s central position management takes over and manages positions for intraday trading.

You have a complete overview of all key information

• Current market data in real time (complete EPEX SPOT order book).
• Overview of the intraday portfolio (as a table or graph).
• Clear summary of your trading options.
• You are able to identify and assess fl exibilities quickly and take them to market.

You are able to take full advantage of automated processes

• High-frequency, automatic trading with pre-confi gured standard routines or programmable trading strategies.
• Integrated schedule management and nomination.
• Automatic import of trading orders or forecasts
• Rule-based management of unplanned events (e.g. power plant outages).

You can rely on having secure operations

• Robust operations with a high level of availability as a result of SOPTIM’s expertise in dealing with critical infrastructures.
• Excellent performance ensures your ability to react – at any time.
• System monitoring and alarm functions.
• Disaster recovery and fail-over concepts.

SOPTIM iTrade fi ts into your system’s infrastructure

• SOPTIM iTrade is designed to complement existing ETRM systems and heterogeneous IT infrastructure.
• Powerful, monitored interfaces integrate forecasts, optimisation, …
• Our modular concept allows fl exible licensing.
• Individually expandable and future-proof.

Enjoy long-term success – with the right partner

• SOPTIM has been delivering IT solutions and services for the energy industry for 45 years.
• Long-term customer relationships and partnerships prove our reliability and commitment.
• You get SOPTIM 100%: We don’t pass on development contracts to any third parties.

  • Automated trading
    As the result of editable trading routines and EPEX Spot certification.
  • Rapid response
    Via direct access to the EPEX Spot.
  • Optimisation, trading, nomination
    iTrade, everything you need in one place.
  • Flexible system integration
    Thanks to the optimal connection of existing systems.
  • Ultimate performance
    Allowing you to profit from every market movement.
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