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Reliably coordinate interruptible loads

Interruptible loads are large energy consumers which are connected to the high and extra high voltage grid and continually consume high amounts of energy. Similar to the control power market, TSOs publish a monthly total amount of interruptible loads (currently 3,000 MW). Successful bidders will receive a commodity and a capacity price.

In order to recall interruptible loads efficiently and reliably, SOPTIM has used the powerful components of SOPTIM Connect to implement the load-management server (LaMaS) for the German TSOs. LaMaS enables extensive automation for the activation interruptible loads, thus ensuring process reliability and relief in coordinating the calls. Reliable communication of the provider with the TSO can be easily ensured with the free LaMaS Provider Client - ALadIn. The software completely covers the requirements of the participation procedures. TSOs unreservedly recommend its use.

ALadIn enables providers of interruptible loads to participate in the automatic activation process. Providers benefit directly from the secure and reliable communication with the TSOs. ALadIn handles the communication with LaMaS, signals activation to the provider, displays it if desired and exports the data for further processing.

ALadIn supports all daily tasks that inur with the participation in the market of interruptible loads, including daily availability notifications and confirmations of activations that are carried out manually or automatically (flexible configuration). The simple and seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure is a design feature of ALadIn. Thus, the client is very quick to install and can be used productively in short time.

Of course it is also possible to connect other internal systems (for example transfer of an activation). All loads of a provider can be managed from a single software installation.

AladIn – User Client for LaMaS

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