SC :PROG Forecast projects of SOPTIM Connect

Forecasts for prices, loads and generation are used in all market roles. They are becoming increasingly important for economic success. In sales, load forecasts form the basis of a reliable, yet very competitively calculated offer, so that the forecast value is often decisive above the contribution margin and thus the success of a contract conclusion. Direct marketers of renewable energies and virtual power plants are reliant on the most accurate possible forecasts of generation from volatile sources in order to trade the amounts optimally in the various markets. Grid operators need forecast loads and generation to manage grids stablility and secure oprations.

SOPTIM Connect has acquired extensive experience in forecasting projects and built an outstanding knowledge of forecasting methods and forecasting processes. SOPTIM Connect solutions are used,

  • when different forecasts are intelligently combined,
  • when online data out of control / SCADA systems is processed,
  • when the processes and data sources for forecasting are complex and diverse, and the forecast data and results must be managed efficiently,
  • when significant amounts of data have to be processed quickly,
  • when special methods for analysis and visualisation are requested,
  • when special requirements for IT security and availability arise.
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