Deal efficiently with ERRP reporting obligations

The German Energy Information Act of 16th April 2014 stipulates that operators of power plants and accumulators with an installed capacity from 10 MW or higher regularly report their planning data to the TSOs. In detail, the planned production, primary, secondary and tertiary reserve provisions, the free redispatch volume and collateralization must be transmitted. For significant changes (≥ 10 MW or 10% of installed capacity), the notification must be renewed.

The reported data help transmission system operators with making data available for the ENTSO-E Reserve Resource Process (ERRP) and thus a reliable and stable grid operation.

For companies affected, this results in substantial additional costs and effrots in daily operation with no direct economic revenue. It is therefore necessary to carry out the ERRP notifications as cost-effective and automated as possible.

SOPTIM ComCR converts and versions the necessary power plant planning data (KWEP) and sends it to the TSO. The replies of the grid operator can be read via an import source. The replies are then assigned to the appropriate schedule file.

The current status is always clearly displayed: Users can check both the state of planning data in the local system and the database at the TSO at any time. Moreover, ComCR detects possible errors in the planning data and displays them. In this way, the process reliability is further increased.

For the import and conversion of Excel-based power plant planning files, two Excel templates are provided which are similar to the KISS format for nomination. The so-called KISS KWEP files contain all the information required by ComCR to produce a valid, market rule-compliant power plant planning file. The second template, KISS OND, includes the message of non-availability, which is mandatory as from 1st April 2015.

With ComCR you are also perfectly prepared for the new GLDPM guidelines. 

Test SOPTIM ComCR four weeks without obligation!

How to test ComCR in daily operation:

  1. Download the latest version here, and follow the instructions for installing.
  2. Please contact us and we will then send you a license file directly.
  3. Benefit from the full functionality of the latest ComCR version for 4 weeks.
  4. Convinced? Then conclude a maintenance contract and look forward to further new functionalities and continuous development of ComCR. You don’t have to take any risks: You can easily cancel the maintenance contract annually.

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