SC :FAST Balancing and recall system

Efficient IT infrastructure for procurement and trade

To ensure grid stability, TSOs carry out numerous transactions with different business partners, for example, to procure ancillary services or resolve technical restrictions. To this end, they manage their own balance group and act in the market as energy traders. This means that they have to manage all relevant trading business processes, for example, sending trade confirmations, managing schedules as well as operating accounting systems.

Moreover, FAST provides TSOs with an effective Intraday Management by automating most of the process steps. The Capacity Management takes care for the automatic import of the relevant data including the validity- and plausibility check. Due to the activated automation, the user will not be bothered with the export provided the plausibility check was successful.

In order to maintain the system security, measures according to EnWG §13(2) (German law of Energy Economics) can also be carried out in FAST.

With FAST, SOPTIM Connect offers an IT solution, which supports all the central business processes such as

  • Redispatch
  • Procurement of emergency reserve
  • OTC transactions
  • Exchange trades (day-ahead and intraday – including SOPTIM iTrade)
  • Transit transactions (single trades and day trades)
  • Exceptional publications (power station and load outage)
  • Notification of MOLS divergency
  • Notification of set-point of frequency
  • Measures according to EnWG §13(2) (German law of Energy Economics) (cascading)
  • Plausibility check of net transfer capacity
  • Restriction of a power station

Due to its high flexibility, FAST is ideally suited to replace existing applications based on Excel or Access and can be gradually integrated into a central, revision-safe and multi-client solution. The range of functionalities can be expanded easily and quickly.

In addition, FAST offers comfortable monitoring features with clear displays for the process status or statistics. Users can even create new business processes, extend the solution or improve existing processes on their own. A central, fail-safe database ensures the availability of data and enables smooth operation.

FAST is already experiencing a high acceptance from two TSOs as an efficient and proven IT system.

Your benefits

  • Control of significant business processes within FAST leads to an improved transparency and understanding of procedures, roles and functions
  • Standards for Processes and IT-infrastructure reduce the number of fragmented solo applications, interfaces and manual process steps
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Flexible and customizable: fast realization and integration of new business processes or changed regulatory requirements
  • Reliable process automation increases efficiency of the daily work and is thus the successful answer to growing complexity
  • Familiar GUI for Excel-user with all the well-known features (e.g. ctr. + c, ctr. + p, highlighting + ctr. + enter) leads to comfortable usage and acceptance
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