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The powerful components of SOPTIM Connect build the backbone of the Merit-Order-List-Servers (MOLS) that SOPTIM has developed on behalf of Amprion GmbH as a representative of all German TSOs. MOLS manages the Germany wide uniform recall of tertiary reserve energy. MOLS has made possible more competition in the tertiary reserve market by automatic electronic activation procedures. At the same time, the operating expenses for transmission system operators and suppliers have been reduced.

In case of activation the communication between provider and TSO occurs via notifications in XML format, that are exchanged encrypted. The messages have to be read, interpreted and answered in due time by the tertiary reserve providers.

In order to be able to meet the high requirements in response time and reliability in a simple manner, the MOLS User Client MeRLin is made available to the tertiary reserve providers for free.

MeRLin reads the incoming message automatically, showing the information contained in special dialogue sheets, allowing the simple confirmation of activations including generation and dispatch replies. All use cases are fully supported. The associated schedule time series are automatically exported for further internal processing.

MeRLin – User Client for MOLS

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