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SOPTIM Connect for Sales & Trading

Energy sales is changing fundamentally: Increasing competition, decreasing margins and high churn rates restrict any leeway in the commodities sector. Digitalisation will bring new challenges like time and load-dependent tariffs for small businesses and households combined with much shorter billing cycles. To continue to play a major role in the market, efficiency and flexibility are key success factors. It is important to manage the existing business as best as possible while at the same time, attracting new customers with innovative offerings. Powerful IT systems are the basis for both. The ways to procure and trade energy have increased manyfold - through the integration of the European energy markets and the development of liquid intraday markets. In addition to traditional business, the marketing of flexibility and capacity becomes more important. SOPTIM Connect solutions enable energy companies to expliot new opportunities in procurement and trading, particularly where it relates to performance and responsiveness - as in the European intraday trading. But even where innovative processes and business models should be supported, SOPTIM Connect offers individual solutions that can be realized quickly and reliably.

Andreas Gergs, Christoph Speckamp and Bert Goetting
The considerable appreciation we receive is a high motivation for us!
Andreas Gergs, Christoph Speckamp and Bert Goetting

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Following the day-ahead process, SOPTIM iTrade`s central position management takes over and manages positions for intraday trading.
You have a complete overview of all key information and are able to take full advantage of automated processes

  • Automated trading
    As the result of editable trading routines and EPEX Spot certification.
  • Rapid response
    Via direct access to the EPEX Spot.
  • Optimisation, trading, nomination
    iTrade, everything you need in one place.
  • Flexible system integration
    Thanks to the optimal connection of existing systems.
  • Ultimate performance
    Allowing you to profit from every market movement.

Make money in trading – NomT does the rest SOPTIM NomT is a high performant, reliable and user-friendly platform for all nomination tasks in the European energy market. NomT is based on SOPTIMs outstanding and recognized expertise in schedule management and nomination processes. A corresponding solution for TSO’s, the TSO-Scheduling-System, is used by a German TSO since many years. NomT has been appoved in numerous electricity and gas companies. NomT allows an...

  • Efficient and reliable daily operations
    NomT sustainably increases the efficiency of your daily work. NomT automates internal processes and standardizes schedule communication with your market partners. As a central schedule management solution, NomT contributes significantly to process reliability and thus minimizes the operational risks.
  • Overview at any times
    The NomT cockpit provides a detailed and clear view of the essentials. Problems such as mismatches are detected quickly and can be resolved before gate closure.
  • Quick reaction
    Usually NomT requires significantly less than a minute to complete a schedule calculation. Schedules can be dispatched at any time.
  • You can focus completely on trading
    With NomT you can focus on your trading activities. All schedule and nomination duties are effectively supported with NomT.
SC :FAST Balancing and recall system

Efficient IT infrastructure for procurement and trade To ensure grid stability, TSOs carry out numerous transactions with different business partners, for example, to procure ancillary services or resolve technical restrictions. To this end, they manage their own balance group and act in the market as energy traders. This means that they have to manage all relevant trading business processes, for example, sending trade confirmations, managing schedules as well as operating accounting...

SC :CCT SOPTIM ComCT: Communication Client for Traders

Convert and dispatch schedules in ESS format ComCT - Communication Client for Traders - is a convenient tool to convert and send schedules in ESS format to the German transmission system operators (TSO) and for processing and displaying the replies. ComCT is suitable for all market parties who exchange schedules with German TSOs. ComCT meets all the requirements of market communication 2020 (MaKo 2020). All schedules can be signed and encrypted and sent to the transmission system...


Deal efficiently with ERRP reporting obligations The German Energy Information Act of 16 th  April 2014 stipulates that operators of power plants and accumulators with an installed capacity from 10 MW or higher regularly report their planning data to the TSOs. In detail, the planned production, primary, secondary and tertiary reserve provisions, the free redispatch volume and collateralization must be transmitted. For significant changes (≥ 10 MW or 10% of installed capacity), the...


Reliable automation, secure communication The powerful components of SOPTIM Connect build the backbone of the Merit-Order-List-Servers (MOLS) that SOPTIM has developed on behalf of Amprion GmbH as a representative of all German TSOs. MOLS manages the Germany wide uniform recall of tertiary reserve energy. MOLS has made possible more competition in the tertiary reserve market by automatic electronic activation procedures. At the same time, the operating expenses for transmission system...

SC :ALA SOPTIM ALadIn: Interruptible loads of the industry

Reliably coordinate interruptible loads Interruptible loads are large energy consumers which are connected to the high and extra high voltage grid and continually consume high amounts of energy. Similar to the control power market, TSOs publish a monthly total amount of interruptible loads (currently 3,000 MW). Successful bidders will receive a commodity and a capacity price. In order to recall interruptible loads efficiently and reliably, SOPTIM has used the powerful components...

SC :SC SOPTIM Sales Calculator

Organization-wide management of offer calculation Marketing gas or electricity products in the deregulated energy market requires an accurate and precise offer calculation. On the one hand, it must be tightly calculated in order to remain competitive, but on the other hand, also reliable and safe contribution margins have to be achieved. The high complexity of the offer process and its risks require an auditable and consistent approach – particularly in complex organizations with...

SC :PROG Forecast projects of SOPTIM Connect

Forecasts for prices, loads and generation are used in all market roles. They are becoming increasingly important for economic success. In sales, load forecasts form the basis of a reliable, yet very competitively calculated offer, so that the forecast value is often decisive above the contribution margin and thus the success of a contract conclusion. Direct marketers of renewable energies and virtual power plants are reliant on the most accurate possible forecasts of generation from...


Analyse, structure and repair SOPTIM ProFile is a tool for easy and efficient processing of time series data. Time series are the essential in energy industry, especially for forecasts and accounting. The import of load profiles in quarter-hour resolution is the first step of a long process chain in the context of forecasts and accounting. This first step is sometimes challenging, because market stakeholders and data providers do not send load profiles in MSCONS format, but use Excel...

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