TransnetBW commissions SOPTIM

New Solution Supports Invoicing of Balancing Energy


The German TSO TransnetBW GmbH comissions SOPTIM AG with the implementation of a solution for invoicing balancing energy in an EU-wide tender. Additionally, the solution serves to calculate the cross control area balance energy price “reBAP”.

The solution named "Central Accounting Balancing Energy Invoicing" (Zentrale Berechnung Regelenergie-Abrechnung, ZEBRA) will acquire and validate all necessary data, distribute it and prepare it for invoicing. In addition to the settlement of balancing energy in its own control area, the solution supports TransnetBW in further invoicing processes. TransnetBW GmbH not only calculates and publishes the Germancross control area balance energy price. In the European IGCC (International Grid Control Cooperation) it also cares for preparing the invoicing of exchanged balancing energy.

In addition to usability, central criteria in awarding the project to SOPTIM were the flexibility and future-proofing of the solution. The marketing and invoicing rules of the balancing energy products are subject to frequent changes of the regulatory authorities. Even in the IGCC, high dynamics rule. SOPTIM’s concept therefore allows for all interfaces, processes, and calculation steps to be changed in a timely manner and with little effort. Other important criteria were performance, scalability and process-oriented user guidance.

With the modernization of central IT systems, TransnetBW is gearing up for the coming challenges. Kerstin Ewald, team leader of Invoicing Services & Back Office, emphasizes the aspect of investment security: "We can anticipate the dynamics of the markets and regulation to a limited extent. Flexibility is essential for us to be able to react quickly to market changes. SOPTIM’s solution will bring us significantly closer to this goal."

Martin Pöppe, group leader at SOPTIM, confirms: "The TransnetBW application cases are based on cyclically recurring calculations of market-relevant data. Transparency and traceability must always be guaranteed. In the realization of ZEBRA, we will therefore place great importance on the aspects of data validation, data synchronization, and reporting, in addition to powerful and high-performance processing of time series."

The solution is scheduled to be productive in November 2016.

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