Trading the Flexibilities of Industrial Power Plants

Evonik commissions SOPTIM


Aachen, 24th October 2017.
Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH has entrusted SOPTIM with the realization of an IT-solution for the automatic intraday trading. The solution is based on the trading platform SOPTIM iTrade and runs at the Evonik site in Marl. Next to continuous trading for balance group settlement, iTrade is primarily used for trading the flexibilities of Evonik’s power generation assets.

Evonik’s balancing group comprises generation and consumption facilities at numerous German sites. At present deviations of load forecasts, demand peaks and power plant availabilities are balanced manually at the intraday market or with own power plants. Now Evonik has taken the opportunity to support short-term traders performing high-frequency trading at the EPEX Spot by implementing an automated solution based on SOPTIM iTrade. As energy trading gets closer and closer to the physical delivery, the concept includes a direct connection to the central energy control system. This approach ensures that schedule alternations resulting from trades are immediately available for power plant dispatch.

Dr Fabian Wandelt, Project and Business Development Manager at Evonik Technology & Infrastructure GmbH, explains the project targets: “Our generation assets offer valuable flexibilities. iTrade enables us to trade them fully automatically while supporting our staff keeping up with high frequencies in trading at EPEX Spot. For us, energy is a crucial production factor. Our prospective energy management contributes decisively to securing the future of our sites.”

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