SOPTIM AG appoints new Executive Board members

Executive Board members Christoph Speckamp and Bert Goetting

Executive Board members Christoph Speckamp and Bert Goetting

Aachen, 13.01.2020
SOPTIM AG introduces new management team: The Supervisory Board has appointed Bert Goetting and Christoph Speckamp as new Executive Board members with effect from 12.2019. Together, they will be responsible for the SOPTIM resort "Project Solutions".

Andreas Duve will manage the resort "Digital Solutions", while Ralf Lemke will be responsible for the resort "Central Services". As Chief Executive Officer Dr Wolfgang Thiele will lead the resort "Financials".

"We have opted for this structure comprising two operative resorts to even better meet the demands of our partners and customers. Ultimately, the explicit focus secures our company's future. Clear responsibilities characterized by a fast decision-making-process guarantee our flexibility and performance", company founder Dr Wolfgang Thiele argues.

During his 29-year career at SOPTIM AG Bert Goetting has been in charge of diverse managing duties and responsibilities for different business divisions. Among others, he has been the Director of the Central Sales Department as well as the Head of Project Solutions. "In view of the dynamics with which IT technologies develop and the accelerated automatisation of processes in the energy sector, it is my utmost concern to provide our customers with outstanding technology and exceptional expertise in my resort", explains Goetting.

Christoph Speckamp has studied Electrical Engineering at the School of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering in Wuppertal. Having gained extensive market and management experience at ABB, Oracle, KEMA Consulting, Siemens Energy Automation and ProCom he finally changed to SOPTIM AG in 2011. As Vice President for the Energy Division, he and his team were particularly responsible for the concept and implementation of software solutions for the European Network of Transmission System Operators. Looking ahead, Christoph Speckamp remarks with great enthusiasm: "Our proven expertise in the fields of system control, operational scheduling, redispatch, energy trading and also in the power grid industry will ensure best market opportunities in future."

The contract of Andreas Duve has been renewed ahead of schedule.

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