Lighthouse Project launched by German TSOs

SOPTIM and FGH realize Redispatch [1] -Determination-Server for all four German Transmission System Operators: 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH, Amprion GmbH, TransnetBW GmbH and Tennet TSO GmbH.


Aachen, 01.08.2018 SOPTIM AG and FGH have been commissioned to realize the Redispatch-Determination-Server (RES [2]) within the scope of a Europe-wide tender. In the near future this measure will determine German-wide congestions and dimension optimal measures for feed-ins, respectively, loads.

This platform provides the TSOs with a control system ensuring grid stability for all operational time horizons – week-ahead until intraday. Together, the four TSOs will plan, coordinate, determine and monitor measures across the grid control areas. Next to efficiency enhancement, the new platform will provide standardized, transparent and secure processes in the context of redispatch and feed-in management. Furthermore, additional measures such as the application of phase-shifting transformers (PST) and high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission lines can be considered.
RES supports the coordination of operational planning processes from a system perspective, offers the TSOs a uniform view on the German transmission grid and provides the basis for a selection of adequate measures.

RES ensures grid stability
The need for system stabilizing measures has been increased considerably during the past years. The reason for that is the increasing number of decommissioned conventional generation units and the enormous increase of renewable energies, causing an enduring change in network utilization. The Redispatch-Platform is an effective tool to meet rising operating expenses. RES will forecast impending grid situations for the relevant time horizons (week-ahead, day-ahead, intraday) and will determine congestions accordingly. In consideration of legal requirements, RES will remove congestions by selecting the most effective and efficient measure from the pool of grid and market related means as well as further reserves or other measures. RES optimizes for example the position of phase-shifting transformers. Appropriate adjustments of load and feed-in patterns (like alternative schedules or the deployment of grid stabilizing reserve power stations) are identified.

SOPTIM and FGH realize RES
„As the Redispatch-Determination Server is the central tool to ensure grid stability, a performant data management is key. Sophisticated algorithms for calculations as well as robust operational behaviour were essential criteria for the commission“, states Daniel Fraß, Projectmanager at TenneT TSO, which will operate RES representing the four TSOs. Within the course of a Europe-wide tender SOPTIM and FGH, as a subcontractor, succeeded as the best tender. “With these companies, we have found two reliable IT-service providers, who will address the challenge of a comprehensive solution excellent in performance, security and availability at best practice. We are confident that we will reach our aim due to the exceeding technical competence of SOPTIM and FGH.”

SOPTIM anticipates the up-coming realization: “The challenge of the Redispatch-Determination-Server can be valued as a lighthouse-project of the four German TSOs sending its signal to the Europe-wide cooperation, who is responsible for system stability”, comments Christoph Speckamp, Division Manager of Energy Management at SOPTIM, together with Dr. Simon Krahl, Head of Systemstudies at FGH.
He sums up “This IT-solution is able to smooth the tensions between the challenges of grid extensions, the integration of renewable energies and system security. Therefore, we are glad to offer FGH’s expertise and in conjunction with SOPTIM, we will ultimately lead RES to success.

Two parts of the Redispatch-Platform
Technically, the Redispatch-Platform comprehends the Redispatch-Determination Server (RES) plus the Redispatch Activation Management (RAS [3]). RES is used for the grid calculation, analysis and dimensioning of provisions. RAS initiates and monitors measures while communicating with the involved market actors. Subsequent processes like billing, transparency and publishing obligations are also carried out by RAS, which is a SOPTIM project as well.

The RES start-up is planned in 2020.

[1] In Germany REDISPATCH is a process used to ensure a stable, balanced network: The German TSOs have to ensure the balance of electricity generation and consumption within their control areas.

[2] The German acronym RES stands for Redispatch-Ermittlungs-Server (Redispatch Determination Server)

[3] The German acronym RAS stands for Redispatch-Abwicklungs-Server (Redispatch Activation Management)

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