Going wild for ZEBRAs

Successful commissioning of a billing solution motivates the adoption of a herd of zebras

ZEBRA 16.11.2017

The project team from TransnetBW and SOPTIM AG celebrated the successful launch of the ZEBRA solution at Stuttgart’s zoological garden, Wilhelma. From left to right: Regina Zweigle (TransnetBW), David Vodicka (TransnetBW), Marilena Moraru (TransnetBW), Vo

ZEBRA 16.11.2017

SOPTIM AG has adopted a herd of Grévy zebras based in Stuttgart’s zoological garden, Wilhelma.

Aachen, 13th December 2017.
SOPTIM and TransnetBW have successfully taken "ZEBRA" into operation, a software solution for calculating balancing energy. The solution – known as ZEBRA due to its German acronym – supports the transmission system operator in invoicing ancillary services: The software determines, validates and publishes all data required for invoicing, and also calculates the energy price for balancing services across control zones, known as reBAP.

“ZEBRA allows TransnetBW to benefit from accurate billing and a highly automated process,” says Tobias Berger, Team Leader for Billing of System Services & Back Office at TransnetBW. Another advantage of the new solution is its flexibility, which enables TransnetBW to respond quickly to market changes: “We’ve designed ZEBRA to be able to implement every change in marketing rules or billing modalities of balancing energy products in line with market conditions, in a timely manner and, above all, in an uncomplicated fashion,” explains Martin Pöppe, Group Leader at SOPTIM AG. “As a result, ZEBRA is in the position to quickly bill for balancing energy down to the second.”

As the solution has successfully been put into operation and has been running flawlessly since the beginning of the year, this was a great opportunity for SOPTIM to start sponsoring the zebra herd kept at Stuttgart’s zoological-botanical garden, Wilhelma. Pöppe says, “ZEBRA is performing excellently and is extremely efficient. Those are qualities we can also attribute to Grévy's zebras.”

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