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Intraday trading game realized by SOPTIM provides an insight into the dynamics of energy trading

User interface of the iTrade trading platform.

User interface of the iTrade trading platform. © SOPTIM AG

Aachen, 12.02.2020. At this year's E-world, SOPTIM presented its new intraday trading game for the first time. Employees of energy suppliers and trading companies get to know the theoretical basics of intraday trading and learn about the basic relations of energy trading and experience concepts of game theory directly in practice. Professional traders get the opportunity to demonstrate their reactivity and their trading proficiency.

How does Intraday-trading work? How does the market move and which strategy parameters decide over success? The SOPTIM trading game not only provides answers to these and other questions in theory. But the participants are to gain their own experience facing the challenge of intraday trading.

"Our trading game offers participants to gain comprehensive market knowledge by practical experience and meanwhile to find out about the effects of strategy parameters and strategic decisions", remarked Christoph Speckamp, board member at SOPTIM. However, on the trade fair the focus was on gaming and competition. "Also experienced traders could prove their trading skills."

The game has been designed for the SOPTIM Academy to be used for training, analysis or simulations. It appeals to beginners as well as to experienced traders who wish to simulate scenarios or strategies. First successful test runs during a trading conference has resulted in a demand for team-events and Christmas staff parties.

Game sequence

At the E-world one match comprised six participants - three buyers and three sellers - who competed after a short introduction. In total, four matches were played so that every participant acted as a buyer, respectively, seller twice. After that, the results were briefly evaluated and discussed. The players' objective were to find the best strategy in short time while maximizing the result. Preconditions as marginal costs and revenues or the balancing energy price had to be considered as well. "The game situation between buyers and sellers causes interesting insights and provokes thrilling constellations in view to game theory, which can be seen in real trading, too. Due to our observations during the game, we have improved the usage of the application significantly", said Christoph Speckamp. In the late afternoon, finals were held among the top players of the previous matches in order to find the daily winner.


Technical basis for the game is the trading platform SOPTIM iTrade. iTrade enables energy suppliers, traders and industrial enterprises to participate in the intraday trading in 24/7-operation, regardless of having an own trading-floor. Flexible auto- and algotrading strategies ensure high-frequency automatic trading. While autotrading is based on parameters, algotrading strategies can be defined via scripts, which remain exclusively in the company. As the leading positioning system for the intraday time horizon, iTrade provides comprehensive validation and monitoring features. Moreover, the integrated backtesting environment simulates trading strategies using historical exchange data.

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