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Tangible digital transformation
Friday, 20. January 2017 20.01.2017

SOPTIM AG’s CEO Andreas Duve reveals how the company is addressing the challenges of digitalisation in SOPTIM’s new blog. “We are on the way to a digital transformer” - that’s the key message. But what does that mean? A lot of things are going to change, and that includes business processes, technology and culture. At E-world energy & water (Feb.7-9, 2017 in Essen, Germany), software solutions presented will highlight how the digital future can already be experienced today. Increased performance, automation, security and comfort while supporting energy-industry processes in all market roles – that’s SOPTIM’s self-imposed goal.SOPTIM iTrade – for comprehensive automation in short-term trading

SOPTIM iTrade – for comprehensive automation in short-term trading

One of SOPTIM’s highlights at the fair will be SOPTIM iTrade. The first release of this new trading platform for short-term trading is being presented at E-world! With a set of parameterised auto-traders, it enables energy trading participation 24/7 without the use of personnel. The software, developed together with two pilot customers, complies with the special requirements of short-term energy trading. It tracks current positions and reacts quickly to any changes – whether those changes are down to new forecasts, new optimisation or concluded market trades. New positions are calculated and displayed in close to real time.

In the next phase, SOPTIM iTrade is offering users the possibility of inputting trading know-how and their own trading strategies via a scripting tool using algo trading and implementing those aspects automatically.

And because the best deals just don’t work without nomination, SOPTIM iTrade is being joined by SOPTIM NomT. This high-performance nomination tool from SOPTIM is established throughout Europe. SOPTIM NomT ensures market-aligned communication with TSOs at all times. That includes, for example, the timely implementation of AS4 market communication required within the German gas market as of Oct. 1, 2017.

Workflow management simplifies and speeds up processes

The further development of the SOPTIM Energy Suite is strictly aimed at simplifying and speeding up the overall process, ranging from creating offers to nomination. SOPTIM is planning to present the new workflow management concept at E-world. The system now automatically assumes the execution of certain process steps. Take creating offers, for example: If several employees are involved in the process – when applying the principle of dual control, for example – notifications are sent to the responsible employees via automatically generated e-mails. The same happens when the risk level of an offer exceeds a defined range. In this case, a decision-maker is also immediately notified.

Furthermore, the software’s system and process controls are continuously being optimised. The central tool for this is the system monitor with its monitoring functions. Anticipated situations can be defined as set variables at certain points in time. For example: Not all forecasts have been input by a certain time, or a report isn’t in a defined folder; or maybe another system has failed to deliver data. That’s when the system user immediately receives a visual signal relating to that sequence error and can react immediately in a targeted manner.

SOPTIM Energy goes mobile

Key account managers in energy sales organisations are going to be impressed by SOPTIM Mobile Sales. SOPTIM’s sales solution now runs as an app on mobile devices. This enables sales representatives to view and modify offers or contracts on the go when meeting with clients. It graphically displays load profiles, recalculates cost estimates online and accepts offers. And best of all, the accepted offer ends up in the procurement books just a few minutes later as an open position.

On the grid side, SOPTIM has solved the challenge of congruent data in EEG billing. This is a frequent issue because the generator’s billing system often outlines other data than the EDM system on the grid operator’s end. By generating reports and even individual documents for the grid operator, which can also be used for the system operator’s billing, deviations are avoided because the data originates from a single system. This reduces the risk that the transmission system operator will refuse payments.

Closer cooperation with customers

Part of SOPTIM’s digitisation strategy is striving for even closer relationships with its customers. The digital dimension of convergence lies in the fact that system development, project management, support and many more aspects are communicated and worked on more directly and faster using digital technologies. SOPTIM is working with innovative energy suppliers and development partners such as Trianel GmbH and Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG. The integration of customers into SOPTIM’s processes has advantages for both sides: Direct exchange of information enables faster and more focused product development.

So it’s worth coming to visit SOPTIM AG’s booth at E-world. There are just so many exciting topics to discuss. Come and see a company that is truly on the move and is simply reinventing itself – without throwing its tried and tested virtues overboard. Read more about this in our SOPTIM blog.

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