SE :BKM Balancing group management grid

All standard processes including activation or declarations, generation and dispatch of MaBiS or KOV time series from grid balancing/allocation, and the delivery of single time series to suppliers are highly automated. The balancing group’s total time series and suppliers’ total time series are visualised in a central cockpit.

In the form of a control station, the valuable MaBiS or KOV cockpit informatively and clearly controls the tasks of the grid manager that are linked to many processing deadlines related to dispatch, acknowledgment and testing in communication with suppliers and balancing group coordinators. Balance time series, such as the grid account and the delta time series, are calculated and can be compared with billing-related time series by those market partners responsible.

  • Reduced process costs
  • Individually-tailored controlling
  • Process security
  • Timely counter-control measures in case of missing or implausible data
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