SE :WP Change process networks

SE:Change processes supports the network operators in the implementation of all data exchange and handling processes in the context of GPKE-/GeLi processes. The system hereby offers automated processing of supplier changes, entries and departures, as well as change from or in the basic and backup supply. If manual intervention is exceptionally required by the user, this is notified via the system and directed to the relevant incident as required. The system supports the user by carrying out the data reconciliation between information on incoming messages and master data from the system. With the help of search criteria, messages can be clearly identified and status changes can be traced historically at any time. Automated responses to incoming messages are possible with the help of configurable deadline monitoring.

  • Efficient processing of large amounts of data 
  • Transparent process modelling 
  • Process security 
  • Message filtering 
  • Clear understanding of processes 
  • Correctness of data
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