SE :MMM Excess and shortfall quantities evaluation

With the help of this module, excess and shortfall quantities are evaluated for each specific metering point and are presented as a report. Basic information includes the daily volumes from balancing/allocation, which are determined for each metering point in excess and shortfall quantity periods. In contrast, the corresponding reading data in the excess and shortfall quantity periods is presented. The reading data is imported annually into the system using a continuous method or specific date. Here, various formats are supported. Excess and shortfall quantities are identified for grid usage metering points and feed-in metering points, though the latter only applies if the point has an associated supplier and is not subject to EEG or CHP tariffs. Furthermore, ORDERS requests from suppliers can be maintained, allocation lists for suppliers can be created, and monthly excess and shortfall amounts for the MGV are summarized. The module also supports the output of balancing/allocation amounts corresponding to the standard interfaces of accounting systems from SAP, Schleupen and Wilken, among others.

  • Reduced process costs
  • High process reliability and penalties avoidance
  • High transparency
  • Process know-how
  • Flexible system integration
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