Manage REA Plants efficiently

In recent years, the technical and economic management of renewable ernergy and combined heat and power plants connected to the distribution grid has become a major challenge. The number of installations has increased enormously, not only in areas with lots of sunlight and heavy wind. Additionally, ever new regulations on subsidiaries and market rules constitute real challenge. Nevertheless, in Germay, the accounting and compensation for REA und CHP plants is an obligatory task for distribution system operators. In order to execute this task as cost efficiently as possible the compensation of plant owners and the reimbursement by the TSOs must remain promptly in balance. Therefore, process efficiency, and above all process speed can save money.

With EEG-N, SOPTIM offers an application that supports the whole process, as it is requested by the German regulative authorities (Bundesnetzagentur). The user is supported by numerous assistants both in the system data acquisition and with the categorization and the compensation model assignment. EEG-N supports the various direct forms of marketing as well as the related market communication.

Essential and a special performance feature of EEG-N is the consistent calculation of the REA tariff data for the TSOs as well as the grid balancing time series according to REA and MaBiS, based on a common data set.

Alongside a strong report generator, with standards for the communication with TSO and the regulative authirities (Bundesnetzagentur), EEG-N has specific and standardized interfaces in order to exchange data with other data providers, balancing or invoicing EDM and accounting systems of the DSO.

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