Manage REA plants efficiently

The grid connection of new consumers and power plants (feed-in points) is the start of a complex process chain, which runs through several departments of a distribution system operator.

The process begins with a request for a grid connection, it may be followed by a cost calculation and a compatibility test at the plant. Only then can the (possibly smart) meter be installed and the object is connected. With the installation of the meter and the assignment of the meter number, consumer and/or feed-in point receives its identity. It can start regular operation. In addition, data on the consummer and/or feed-in point are passed on, in different granularity, to the operational IT systems for metering, GIS, balancing, EDM, accounting and workforce management.

Often data, applications, approvals and forwards are managed and stored locally and redundantly in several departments at different times. As a result, errors and delys occur, and the efficiency of the entire process suffers.

With the workflow and process-based application, SOPTIM SNAP (system for the grid connection process), errors are minimized and the exchange of information is greatly improved. A central storage for all data and documents ensures efficiency and transparency. A streamlindes process is set up with clearly defined responsibilities and rule-based task assignments. Dependencies of process steps are respected. Delays and bottlenecks are immediately visible.

Given the ongoing increase of small scale renewable energy plants this administrative process has a considerable optimisation potential.

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