SOPTIM Connect

for Measurement & Distribution

SOPTIM Connect for Measurement & Distribution

To take advantage of the smart world, data amounts of an unprecedented magnitude (Big Data), must be quickly processed and intelligently analyzed. The demands on IT security and data protection increase dramatically. SOPTIM Connect supports distribution system and meter operators with their new challenges and innovative solutions. Our experts are familiar in realising "first-of-kind" projects - with SOPTIM Spirit. Customers with critical infrastructures trust in our expertise in questions of IT security and data protection.

Arne Bernhardt
Big Data opens up new possibilities for smart grids and disruptive business models.
Arne Bernhardt

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Manage REA plants efficiently The grid connection of new consumers and power plants (feed-in points) is the start of a complex process chain, which runs through several departments of a distribution system operator. The process begins with a request for a grid connection, it may be followed by a cost calculation and a compatibility test at the plant. Only then can the (possibly smart) meter be installed and the object is connected. With the installation of the meter and the assignment...


Manage REA Plants efficiently In recent years, the technical and economic management of renewable ernergy and combined heat and power plants connected to the distribution grid has become a major challenge. The number of installations has increased enormously, not only in areas with lots of sunlight and heavy wind. Additionally, ever new regulations on subsidiaries and market rules constitute real challenge. Nevertheless, in Germay, the accounting and compensation for REA und CHP plants is...

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