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SOPTIM’s IT solutions and services help distribution system operators and metering service providers to efficiently master their business operations and develop new business models.

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Next Generation Standards

Distribution system operators are the service providers of the energy revolution: In addition to the technical and economic design of the grids, a variety of tasks also rests on their shoulders. This is a result of established processes with data deliveries to various market partners, which involve tight deadlines. Consistent data and transparent, automated and verifiable process support are imperative.

Dominik Keindl
Do you have a problem? We have the solution. Transparent, automated and verifiable process support is absolutely essential.
Dominik Keindl

SOPTIM Connect

Asset Based IT-Solutions

The transformation of the energy industry is nowhere more noticeable than in the distribution grid. The majority of decentralized renewable generation is connected here. Distribution system operators must absorb and coordinate this fundamental change of the generation structure into their infrastructures and organizations. Basically, grids have to be more intelligent in order to continue to fulfil their tasks effectively. Same time national or EU regulations (like German incentive regulation) offer less leeway for investments.

The smarter future will also swirl meter operators. The fusion of energy and communication networks is at the same time both political intention and necessity. The IT technical challenges that arise from this development are enormous: A single smart meter replaces one anual with over 35,000 quarter-hour values.

Arne Bernhardt
Big Data opens up new possibilities for smart grids and disruptive business models.
Arne Bernhardt

SOPTIM Workbench

Skills & Services

The topic of metering services and distribution also influences skills and services as the result of an increasing level of renewables and decentralised generation.

The transformation of the European energy markets leads to a need for specialized IT infrastructures. For distribution system operators and metering service providers, it is getting increasingly difficult finding skilled professionals for ther design, development, maintenance and support of their IT.

Franz Rainer Wesch
When our people become a part of your team, then you can rely 100 % on SOPTIM Spirit.
Franz Rainer Wesch

In bewegten Zeiten flexibel aufgestellt

Unser umfassendes Portfolio sorgt für operative Exzellenz in allen Prozessen der Energiewirtschaft

Sales & Trading

SOPTIM’s IT solutions and services help energy sales, procurement and traders of all sizes to make the best of market opportunities.


Transport & System Operation

SOPTIM’s IT solutions and services help transmission system operators to build and operate secure and efficient IT infrastructures.

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