Subsidiaries SOPTIM AG

esterion GmbH

Stefan Heimel – Co-founder and CEO of esterion GmbH

SOPTIM AG holds a 50% share of esterion GmbH. The company was founded on Jan. 2, 2015 together with Stefan Heimel. The company develops, distributes and services (prognosis) software.

One prognosis solution developed by esterion in particular is very user-friendly and highly effective. We have already added this tool to our portfolio: SOPTIM Prognosis plus. This closes the gap between the basic prognosis previously integrated into our systems and complex expert systems available on the market.

sbc soptim business consult GmbH

Subsidiary sbc Soptim business consult GmbH with its seat in Essen.

As a 100% subsidiary of SOPTIM AG, sbc soptim business consult GmbH extends our consulting services. The services of sbc are oriented to the challenges of the energy industry based on decades of experience.
As a partner of public utilities and grid operators, sbc consultants lead and accompany customer projects with differing tasks. They work within the context of market development and regulatory and legal requirements, creating strategic positions and possible alternatives for processes and organisations.

As part of its process consultation, sbc prepares analyses, concepts, models and documentation, and supports the implementation of processes, which are proven to increase efficiency and lead to added value in complex value chains. In this manner, concepts (e.g. specialist or implementation concepts) are often developed within the framework of requirement management, utilising experts onsite. The implementation support that follows has proven to be an extremely useful contribution in many projects. This continuity is a key factor to success.
The consultation functions of sbc currently include key topics such as the smart meter rollout, market area adjustments and change processes. In the product space, sbc also offers data quality management (DQM) solutions. Building on this, SOPTIM designs and delivers integrated solutions that connect customised and standardised software components for multiple tasks into the different market roles in the energy sector.


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