SOPTIM attends EPCC 2017

Wednesday, 7. June 2017 07.06.2017 von Udo Schmitz 0 Comment

But what’s so special about that you ask? Numerous experts from all around the world – including China, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the US – take part in the EPCC workshop to discuss the latest developments in control centre technology and the effect of those on the electricity supply system and system planning. For SOPTIM staff – supporting transmission system operators (TSOs) in the continued development of their SCADA systems and offering individual software solutions to ease their daily tasks – it’s the perfect opportunity to uncover the needs of our customers and recognise the problems they are facing even better. It truly provides insight into the international challenges that TSOs are tackling. 

This event is particularly special because the discussions do not stop at the end of the lectures and within the given timeframe, but are usually carried on in 1:1 talks during the breaks. We took away copious insights and new ideas. In addition, however, we received confirmation that many of Germany’s local challenges are less important for TSOs abroad and that different topics are key – which in turn are less urgent topics in Germany at the moment (e.g. forces of nature). On the other hand, other topics are of equal interest throughout the world – and those include the influence that big data and artificial intelligence will have on daily work. During the EPCC workshop, no one was talking about “whether” that would happen, but rather “how”.

We can confirm that the EPCC workshop is the ideal platform to exchange ideas with other experts on the technical and regulatory aspects of system reliability in the energy sector. It was a lot of fun to discuss the content of the talks, our ideas, and concepts with so many experts in the industry and to support the event as a sponsor.

We would like to thank all of the participants for each and every lively discussion and the helpful insights – and we are already looking forward to the next event!

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