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EMART 2016 reviewed
Saturday, 19. November 2016 19.11.2016 von Bert Goetting 0 Comment

Algo-Trading was one of the most discussed trends at this year’s EMART conference in Amsterdam.

No surprise, that SOPTIM took the opportunity to present its new intraday trading platform SOPTIM iTrade and the market proven nomination solution SOPTIM NomT to the energy trading community. The EMART is supposed to be the yearly flagship event for energy traders.

SOPTIM iTrade has recently passed EPEX certification for the M7 interface and is ready for automatic / algorithmic trading. There could have been no better moment and no better event to discuss our ideas and concepts with so many experts of the industry.

We would like to thank all visitors of our booth for the interest and the lively discussions and the helpful insights!

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