International Workshop
Short-Term Trading, Scheduling and Nomination

08/09 September 2016 in Leimen


SOPTIM launches the International Workshop on Short-term Trading, Scheduling and Nomination, bringing together perspectives of different market parties and offering a platform for inspiring presentations, networking and international exchange. The Workshop will take place 8th and 9th of september in Leimen/Heidelberg.

Since liberalisation of the energy sector opportunities for energy traders have multiplied. With the development of liquid intraday markets power and gas can be traded throughout Europe – close to real time. Energy markets become more and more similar to their financial models. High frequency and algorithmic trading are supposed to be the next evolutionary steps.

The evolution of energy trading continues to be challenging. All new and upcoming requirements are closely connected to a corresponding development of IT-infrastructures taking place at all market parties: exchanges, market operators, TSOs and energy traders. Especially for the latter the access to leading edge IT is gathering strategic importance.

SOPTIM invites you to discuss the impacts and effects of these developments – with a focus on scheduling and nomination together with decision makers and experts from the energy industry.

Have a look at our agenda. (See the link below.)

We are looking forward to an inspiring event and a lively exchange!

For more informations please contact Mrs Judith Kiessner via Email.

+49 241 400 230

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