SC :TSOI TSO Information Portal

Coordination between European TSOs

Reliable and current data of load flows across control areas and control blocks as well as balances at bordersites are the basis of coordination and cooperation between European TSOs. They are used in several processes such as accounting and settling or grid planning and calculation. This data must be transparent and available to all TSOs withount any discrimination.

As the current web platform of the TSOs had – IT technically – reached the end of its life cycle and adjustments were only possible to a very limited extent, with its TSO Information Portal, SOPTIM Connect realized a future-proof and efficient IT solution for the publication of the load flow data and balances at bordersites between control areas and control blocks. Actually there are three types of data managed by the SOPTIM TSO Information Portal: target day-ahead data, target intraday data and actual metered data.

In a first step, the functionality of the existing solution was trasferred into a modern, future-proof IT architecture. The system now allows a flexible configuration of imports. Changes of import structures can be managed quickly and easily. All data is collected  and stored centrally. Additional data records can be integrated and displayed on short notice. The user-friendliness has been significantly improved.

In total, the TSO Informantion Portal offers more reliability and operational security and additionally more comfort and flexibility to integrate additional functionalities.

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