SC :MDM SOPTIM Meter Data Management

Process and manage data reliably

With roll out of smart metering systems as well as high demands of reliability and security in the transmission of metered values being set and the design of the market role Gateway Administrator, meter data management has taken on a new character that also significantly determines operating business. The number of metering points, that are recorded in quarter-hour increments, increases dramatically. And so do the demands on IT systems regarding, performance, automation, reliability and security.

SOPTIM MDM is multi-tenant, and thanks to its service-oriented architecture, very flexible. It can be excellently integrated as a central component in any system environment of a metering service provider, where systems for device management, workforce management and smart meter gateway administration already exist. Based on an extremely powerful time series management, SOPTIM MDM provides comprehensive support for key tasks in the context of metering services:

  • Communication with metering systems        
    Based on IP connections, SOPTIM MDM ensures a reliable and encrypted communication with metering systems. The communication protocols of the devices SEnerGate Gateway, by the company NZR, and the CONEXA-Gateways by Theben are, among others, supported. The sequence control supports communication initialisations, uploading of firmware updates, device parameters, metering data acceptance as well as receiving fault messages and editing. Before the data is then further processed, the authenticity and integrity of the transmitted data is checked and secured by a signature check.
  • Processing of the metering data       
    SOPTIM MDM processes metering data (including meter readings and feed-in supply, tariff register assignments) in different time resolutions (15-minute, hourly, daily, monthly and spontaneous values) of all current metering procedures (such as rLM, ZSG count rate metering, SLP) for different commodities (electricity, gas, water, heat, ...). All the standardized OBIS codes of the various commodities are illustrated. The metering data is ranked, validated and tested according to metering code.
  • Supply of metered values
    SOPTIM MDM supports data provision for market partners and other parties, either with the dispatch in the MSCONS-Edifact format via an Edifact Server (for example SOPTIM EDI), or via web service interfaces.
  • Operational control and cockpit         
    The operating status of the gateway communication system, device status, completeness of metering data is clearly displayed in the cockpit of SOPTIM MDM. In this way, users are aware of errors and problems. As a result, it becomes easier to fulfil the metering tasks comliant to existing rules and regulations. 
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